The Company was started in 2016, combining the expertise of two cousins specializing in two important aspects of construction, structural stability and aesthetics. With endless opportunities ahead, the two cousins teamed up with the focus of one day branching into developing. The pair of cousins strive to create a positive work environment and put smiles on their clients faces as they view the end results.

Jason McElhinney (Co-owner and Foreman)

With 15 years in the construction and trades industry, Jason has perfected the perfect touch. Working under his father, he quickly learned the tricks of the trades. The last 5 years, Jason has branched out and decided to take on his own projects, with each job more intricate and complex then the last. The majority of his work revolved around the finishing touches, which has played a crucial role in the company’s success. He has become a mentor to his four younger brothers, who are all now finding a place in the construction industry.

Conor Behan (Co-Owner and Foreman)

Conor has spent the last 12 years in the construction industry, initially finding his niche in landscaping and exterior masonry work. Leading up to, and during, his four-year Construction Management program, he worked in renovations. Conor worked weekends, weeknights, and whatever days he could find time, surrounding his school schedule. While in school he operated multiple landscaping crews, specializing in interlocking, retaining walls, flagstone, underground drainage systems and many other exterior projects. In 2016, he earned a Bachelor of Technology Degree, and looks to put it to good use in the Renovation industry.

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