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who we are

The Company came together in 2016, combining the importance of structural stability and aesthetics. Specializing in home renovations and landscaping, we never shy away from a challenge, no matter how far-fetched a client’s vision is. 

We have taken on a wide variety of jobs from condos to homes, interiors to exteriors, and residential to commercial. Have a tight deadline? We can help

We strive to go above and beyond, treating every home like our own. Putting in the time and research to ensure every screw and nail is right.


The Team

Jason McElhinney

Jason McElhinney (Co-owner and Foreman)

With 18 years in the construction and trades industry, Jason has perfected the perfect touch. Working under his father, he quickly learned the tricks of the trades. The last 5 years, Jason has branched out and decided to take on his own projects, with each job more intricate and complex then the last. The majority of his work revolved around the finishing touches, which has played a crucial role in the company’s success. He has become a mentor to his four younger brothers, who are all now finding a place in the construction industry.


Conor Behan


Conor Behan (Co-Owner and Foreman)

Conor has spent the last 15 years in the construction industry, initially finding his niche in landscaping and exterior masonry work. Leading up to, and during, his four-year Construction Management program, he worked in renovations. Conor worked weekends, weeknights, and worked around his school schedule to help emphasis the strong construction background he has today. While in school he operated multiple landscaping crews, specializing in interlocking, retaining walls, flagstone, underground drainage systems and many other exterior projects. In 2016, he earned a Bachelor of Technology Degree, and looks to put it to good use in the Renovation industry.



All dates and deadlines will be discussed and agreed to prior to start date. In order to remain on schedule, clients must be able to meet decision deadlines. We will be here to help you if there are uncertainties or concerns during the decision making process.



The Genuine Renovation Family (workers) are covered under WSIB, along with the company and homeowners being covered under liability insurance for piece of mind. We strive to create a positive work environment, and at the end of the day, nothing pleases us more then putting smiles on our clients faces.


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